Team Celski Blog: Flying from New York to Sochi was a whirlwind


By Bob Celski

This blog is written to keep the proud people of Federal Way informed about one of the city’s sons, short track speedskater J.R. Celski and the experience of his parents, Bob and Sue, during the Olympics.

Sunday 2/9/14
As I write this we are in flight from Moscow to Sochi, the third and last leg in a trip halfway around the world.
Our flight from New York to Moscow departed about an hour late. We don’t know why, there was never an explanation. It was a very smooth flight for nine hours. When we landed in Moscow, clapping broke out all over the plane. I’ve never seen that happen before, it was quite interesting.
Right as we touched down in Moscow, our flight to Sochi began boarding. We were nervous about missing the connection to Sochi because if we missed that, there was a possibility that we would miss being at his 1,500-meter races on Monday afternoon.
As we were taxiing, one of the flight attendants told us to get up, grab our stuff and move to the front of the plane. While we were taxiing. So we complied, knowing we were in jeopardy of missing that flight. She did this to get us quickly off the packed plane.
The airline and on-the-ground staff were kind and most helpful. No less than eight representatives “ran” 11 of us from our arrival gate to our departure gate through the crowd. At least one-quarter of a mile. We were whisked on the plane and the doors closed as the last of us boarded and we were off. We were amazed at the coordination and timing of this transfer.
The last leg of the trip was about 2 ½ hours. On the final approach to Sochi, we saw the Olympic Park, the Olympic Torch and the athletes village. It was an awesome sight with the North Caucuses mountains in the background. As we touched down, all the Russian passengers began clapping again.
Surprisingly enough, our bags made the flight to Sochi on our plane. This was amazing as we were only on the ground in Moscow for what seemed to be about 20 minutes.
We spent Sunday evening securing our luggage, exchanging currency, traveling to the Adler train station to get our Spectator Passes, and taking a bus to the hotel – with a ton of luggage. It took several hours to do this and we finally arrived at the hotel about 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. So we made it – despite all the uncertainty of travel, storms, missed flights, baggage transfer, finding our way via bus to the hotel on Sunday night in Sochi, etc. It was a huge relief when we entered our room.


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